Born from necessity.
Enhanced with science.
LIVINIT - living at your full potential.

Our Story

The founders of LIVINIT are three medical students: Tanel Varblane, Artur Juhani and Kaur Oskar Kõrgvee. In the spring of 2022 our ideas became a reality and we decided to look for a way to safely and effectively improve our cognitive abilities and academic performance.
We created ENLIGHTENMENT 2.0 to improve our cognitive abilities and to achieve our ambitious personal goals. We did not find a product on the market that was high quality and backed by science, so we decided to put our knowledge and interest to good use. We found that we could achieve the best results by combining different nootropics. We started to combine different ingredients. We realized that we weren’t the only ones who wanted to be the best version of ourselves. After thorough research, rigorous testing and optimizing, our first product was born. Positive feedback has motivated us to keep improving our product and our business.
We are on a roll and we will not stop!

Our Mission

LIVINIT is more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle, which encapsulates a commitment to live in a more cognitively capable way. 
We believe that everyone has the ability to perform at their cognitive maximum while at the same time taking care of their mental wellbeing. Our mission is to provide people a way to support and optimize their brain and nervous system so they could consistently accomplish their goals.
Our aim is to show the results and reasoning behind our work. We provide products that have their ingredients and dosages available for everyone to see. We have been motivated from the start to find clinically tested and effective ingredients and dosages for our products.